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Welcome to Family Footcare Centre

Limp In, Leap Out

Located at 7, The Crescent, by the O’Connell Monument, Family Footcare Centre provides patients with a comprehensive range of foot care treatments.
We have been proudly serving the local community for many years, and have experience in the areas of chiropody and podiatry.

From fungal nail infections to the presence of calluses and corns, we offer gentle and effective treatments which leave our patients’ feet healthy, pain-free and looking great.

We Provide Treatment For

  • Corns And Callous

  • Ingrown Toe Nails

  • Verrucae (Planter Warts)

  • Skin & Nail Conditions

  • Athletes Foot

  • Flat Foot

  • Foot Odour

  • Bunions

  • Thickened Toe Nails

  • Fungal Infection

  • And any foot related problem

Foot Care Tips

  • Maintaining good daily hygiene is paramount.

  • Avoid using very hot water on your feet and never soak them for over 10 minutes.

  • Be careful when drying your skin, don’t rub too hard.

  • Sprinkle foot powder between toes and across the foot.

  • Apply a small amount of foot/moisturising cream to areas of dry skin, ideally at night.

  • Never apply cream between the toes.

  • Never attempt to cut corns, callous’ or ingrown toenails yourself.

  • Don’t cut toe nails too short.

  • Gently buff dry skin using either a foot file or pumice stone once a week (not recommended for diabetics).

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Family Footcare Centre

7 The Crescent By O’Connell’s Monument
Limerick City

Also Cappagh near Adare, Co. Limerick

061 310166

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